Legal Services in Mallorca and Ibiza

[vc_row][vc_column][vc_column_text]Bufete Frau operates solely with one intention and goal which is to obtain our clients total satisfaction by offering them personal and efficient services.

We aim to offer:

  • Full knowledge of our clients' needs.
  • Availability to our clients.
  • Swiftness and efficiency in our service.
  • Personal Attention for clients.

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Tax Law

At Bufete Frau we offer tax law practice giving a personal and expert service. We aim to give creative, commercially helpful advice, based on our client's situation and on current law and practice.

  • Tax consolidation
  • Advice concerning tax inspections
  • Procedure for signing on and off as companies and self employed individuals

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Property Law

Bufete Frau Law Firm is an expert in property law and can give you the guidance you need when you are buying or selling a property.
  • Purchase of property.
  • Sale of property.
  • Rental of property


Bufete Frau provide all the necessary strategic advice to ensure that you can resolve your dispute as swiftly and effectively as possible.

Preventive advice to avoid court measures. Representation before courts and tribunals.

Employment Law

At Bufete Frau we address the legal rights of employees and employers.

  • Contracts.
  • Pay slips.
  • Dismissals.
  • Industrial labor risk prevention.
  • Disablements.
  • Proceedings before labor inspections.
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Civil Law

Bufete Frau helps resolve legal issues that impact on people's everyday lives such as civil and commercial litigation, family law, wills and probate common prosecution, enforcement of judgment for payment of debts foreclosure.
  • Common prosecution, enforcement of judgment for payment of debts. foreclosure.
  • Mortgage procedures.
  • Wills & inheritance.
  • Public liability procedures, contractual and non contractual.
  • Contracts in general.
  • Marriage affairs such divorce, separation, division of assets in divorce.
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Planning Law Specialist

Bufete Frau has got experience in all aspects of planning law and policy on The Balearic Islands and can help you with your building project.
  • Planning applications.
  • Building policy and regulation.
  • Planning permission.

 Company Law

Bufete Frau can give you advice on all aspects of law that affect businesses.
  • Advice to individuals and companies.
  • Forming of companies.
  • Modification of company agreements.
  • Request of trademarks and other ownerships rights.
  • Assistance with contracts.
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Economic – Accounting - Finance – Fiscal issues

Bufete Frau gives you the best advisement related to accounting, payments of tax and fiscal issues.
  • Feasibility Analysis.
  • Bussines management and control system.
  • Assessment.
  • Financial projects.
  • Scheduling of corporation tax and value added tax.
  • Accounting books.
  • Presentation of accounts.
  • Dissolution.
  • Accounting closures.
  • Personal Income Tax.
  • Non Resident Tax.
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 Maritime Law

It is our aim to deliver first-class legal advice and solutions to our clients in a practical and concise manner which meets our clients' private and commercial objectives.
  • Law of sea.
  • Commerce & shipping.
  • Sale & purchase.

Vehicle Administration Management

  • Vehicles Registration National and Importation Transfers.
  • Transfers - Duplicates - Temporary deregistration.
  • Cancellation of domain.
  • Vehicles Data Certificates.

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