Spanish inheritance tax and family law

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Also specialists in this branch of Law, we offer you tailor made legal advice, always seeking the best solution. We take on each case with the maximum confidentiality and sensitivity, guaranteeing that our clients feel protected at all times.

As we are an office specialized in non resident clients, day by day we work with the rules concerning Private International Law or Spanish inheritance tax that is applicable in each specific case.

The legal services offered in these areas are:

  • Marriage separations and divorce (mutual agreement and contentious) and civil nullity.
  • Claims for alimony, compensatory and execution of sentences
  • Care and custody of underaged children and visiting rights.
  • Procedures for alteration of measures.
  • Relationship and emancipation, as well as advise in all kinds of claims or Challenger of the relationship, paternity, maternity and questions of paternal authority and cessation, extension or reinstatement of same.
  • Non married couples (forming and dissolution).
  • Economic systems-matrimonial (forming and settlement).
  • Questions of penal matters such as non payment of alimony, non fulfilment of legal sentences or physical abuse; amongst others.
  • Inheritance proceedings (process of inheritance, claim of legitimism, wills…).
  • Tax advice concerning inheritance, donations, etc.
  • Special proceeding of modification in the capacity and forming, carrying out and cessation of guardian Rights (guardianship, provisional administrations, legal defense).
  • Application of private International Law, collaboration with foreign professionals, etc.
  • Balearic Regional Law (taxes and encumbrances, legitimism etc).

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