Alterations in Vehicles Registration Certificate


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On the 15th January 2015 we received from the General Traffic Office (DGT) the notification in which are added two new details concerning the vehicles registration certificate: the validity of the MOT (ITV) and the mileage.

This alteration follows the Instructions approved by the EU in order to increase the transparency of the purchase/sale of second hand vehicles and the obligatory nature of passing the regular inspections under their corresponding dates.
  •  1) Appointment of the next date of expiry of the MOT. (ITV)

The first measure will be very useful in the registration certificate issued on first registration. At present the majority of the purchasers of new vehicles are unaware of when the first compulsory MOT should be passed. This way the information will appear in the registration certificate. It must be taken into account that once the first MOT inspection has been passed the owner should not request a duplicate of the registration certificate, as the term for the next MOT will be specified in the technical inspection card that should always be together with the registration certificate

 It is also possible to request an update of the expiry date of the MOT in the case of change of ownership or duplicate if the owner detects that the expiry date of the MOT is incorrect.

  • 2)     Inclusion of mileage that appears in the Registry of Vehicles.

As from 2013 the MOT stations noted down the mileage of the vehicles. Now, with this information being included in the registration certificate on the date of issue of same, it is intended to provide transparency to the citizens who are interested in purchasing second hand vehicles. As from Thursday 15th January all the registration certificates issued by the General Traffic Department (registration, change of ownership and duplicates) will included this information. In our lawyers office we have a vehicles department specialized in the process of registration and insurance for vehicles. We are at your disposal for any doubs or enquiries you may have in our Palma office.

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