Basic lines of the first draft of the Agricultural and Farming Law of the Balearic Islands.


Derecho Inmobiliario y cuestiones Fiscales

  The introductory round by Biel Company, head of the department of Agriculture, Environment and Territory has concluded, having been drawn up during this month of April the draft of the Agricultural and Rural Law for the professionals of the rural and farming sector, of the waste products and the forest exploitation. From the meetings held it should be pointed out that the future Law will not only act on the infrastructure of the Balearic rural sector but also on its activity, introducting new uses and complementary activities that encourage investment and employment as well as the increase in rural patrimony with the preparation, production and sale of local products of the Balearic Islands. Basically  the basic lines of this draft, that have the main object of maintaining the agricultural and farming activity in the Balearic Islands, are the following:

  • -          Improve the general structures of farms (fincas de explotación agraria) and the adequacy and implementation in value of agricultural and rural land.
  • -          Assure vegetal and animal healthiness.
  • -          Ease administrative process by control of measures and ability of the different local departments and Town Halls.
  • -          Allow new uses and complementary activities in farming as long as the property is registered in the registry of agriculture and farming activities.
  • MAW26_260614_Draft-of-Rural-and-Farming-Law-in-Balearic-Islands_EN_WEB.
  • -          Promote and sell farming products as direct sales.
  • -          Encourage farming activity introducing family hand over and including women in the sector.
  • -          Search the optimization of European grants and the acknowledgement of insularity in farming activity in the Balearic Islands.
  • -          Encourage I+D+I, new Technologies and renewable energy.
  • -          Bet on envionmental proceedings, enviornmental conservation and the rural world.
  • -          Encourage the prestige through the promotion of origin and quality logos by the creation, amoungst other actions, of a brochure including tradicional foods and native breeds of the Balearic Islands.

Ten of what we think are the most important points of this first draft of the preliminary bill of the Agricultural and Farming law in the Balearic Islands that contains 11 sections with a total of 172 articles, in addition to four temporary regulations, six final ones, one revoked and one attachment. Work is piling up on the Balearic Government who intent to approve the Agricultural and Farming Law before the summer, for this to then be processed in the parliament. And we are still pending the publication of another important law: the Law of Planning and Usage of Land, the Land Law (LOUS).


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