Breakdown of the purchase/sales of properties registered in Spain during the second quarter of 2015


Derecho Inmobiliario y cuestiones Fiscales

The purchase/sale of properties in Spain by foreigners continues with the historical leadership of the British which in practise means that one of every five properties purchased by a foreigner is a citizen of Great Britain.
The Russians have been overtaken, in the second quarter of 2015 by the Italians who now occupy the sixth position and also by the Swedish who occupy overall in the year the fifth position

  Statistics of purchase/sale of properties According to details provided by the Property Registry College, the Trade Registry and Property in Spain, during the second quarter of 2015 has occurred the second best quarterly result of the last 9 quarters being a 12,8% the total of the purchases of homes by foreigners. A detail that shows the tendency of an uprise of the foreign demand, their degree of confidence and satisfaction concerning the Spanish real estate market.

Result in Baleares

In the Balearic Islands have been registered 9.523 purchase/sales during 2015, 2.474 took place during the second quarter of the year and 78% correspond to second hand homes and 22% to new constructions. Very positive information if we take the number of purchase/sales for each thousand inhabitants for 1000 inhabitants, in the second position of ranking per autonomous regions and only behind the Region of Valencia. The year to year details, 7,23 purchase/sales for each thousand inhabitants in Spain, proves the good pace of growth in the purchase/sale on Spanish soil and also in our autonomous region that with 8,54 purchase/sales per a thousand inhabitants, continues in the second position with one of the highest increase of the year to year variation rate that is about 12%.

Results by Nationalities

The purchase/sale of properties by foreigners in Spain is becoming one of the revitalizing elements of the Spanish real estate market and already forms nearly 13% of the total of the purchase/sales. General information by nationalities:

  •   Historically speaking the British head the ranking with nearly 20% of the total of purchase/sales carried out by foreigners in Spain.
  •   The French continue in second place although they have dropped 10% with respect to the last quarter.
  •   With almost 8% is to be found in the third position, the Germans who continue nearly with the same percentage as the previous quarter.
  •   The Italians grow with respect to the previous quarter and are already above 5% of the purchase/sales, ahead of the Russians in the number of purchase/sales during the second quarter of 2015.
  •   The Belgium with a 6,5%, are in fourth position of the ranking followed very closely by the Swedish who with a 5,6% have improved their result with respect to the previous quarter.
  •   The Chineese, Norwegians and Rumanians are the nationalities that closet he ranking with amounts above 3% and that hold their positions with respect to the previous quarter.

The year to year results do not show a large difference with respect to the quarterly periods except that of the Russians, that has dropped to the sixth position with a continual loss of position since 2012. Here you will find a complete report of which we have taken out the details that show the consolidation of the Spanish real estate market, with thanks, mainly, to foreign investment.

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