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Bufete Frau shares the information to begin tourism activity for tourist accommodation in private dwellings

Houses with maximum of 6 bedrooms and 12 beds are allowed It is forbidden to sell Holiday Rentals at apartments and flats located in multi-family housing. The tourist accommodation in private dwellings in Mallorca, must be registered in the general registry of companies, activities and tourist establishments in the Balearic islands.  In the others islands, the competent departments will be those in each respective island. A series of requirements are established that must be fulfilled in the dwellings in order to market the tourist accommodation that one wishes to register in the tourist registration to begin the activity. These requirements are those stipulated in attachment 6 of the Decree 20/2015, dated 17th April.

Bufete Frau can help you:

  • Registration of your activity in the tourist department
  • Signing up in the Tax office and regular Tax declarations concerning rental income
  • Contact with your real estate agency
  • Drawing up of the corresponding rental contracts

Details of requirements:

Dwellings with a maximum of six bedrooms and 12 beds, a bathroom available for every three beds and for a period no longer than two months. In order that the accommodation be more attractive, directly or indirectly must be assured the rendering of the following services: regular cleaning of the dwelling, bed linen, linen, general household items and replacement of same, upkeep of the installations and service of attention to clients during working hours. Additionally, an insurance policy must be taken out for the minimum amount of 300.000 euros, with a maximum franchise of 600 euros per damage claim, covering the public liability for bodily harm and material that could be suffered by the users of the dwellings during their stay.

Types of the dwellings allowed:

  • Detached single family house, only one on the land or plot, and detached insomuch as no other dwelling is attached to same.
  • Single family house between dividing walls, as long as it is the only house on the plot.
  • Semi-detached houses: those in the same plot subject to the system of common hold property or when in different plots there are single family houses that are joined by the dividing walls separating them.
  • Dwellings which are considered as being similar, these being the case when there are two or more dwellings within one plot.
  • Not considered as detached are the independent dwellings to be found in multi-family buildings or semi-detached subject to the system of common hold property, and are therefore forbidden to market tourist accommodation in these types of dwellings
During the marketing period of all the dwellings of tourist accommodation it is compulsory to show in a visible and prominent place, the standardized identification plaque in which appears the emblem corresponding to the group, the model of which can be found in attachment 1 of Decree 20/2015, dated 17th April. 

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