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Latest news concerning our legal services in Mallorca and Ibiza! Your payments with VISA now, swiftly, easily and safely.

QR lawyers and solicitors in Spain In Bufete Frau, and as a legal firm specialized in the legal consultancy of foreign investments in Spain both to EU and non EU countries, we aim to be a reference in the Spanish legal and juridical area, and we are convinced that we can only stay on the highest level of legal proceedings in Spain if we adapt our legal services to present day, in other words, assuring we are more approachable and transparent. Our lawyers and solicitors office, with branches in Mallorca and in Ibiza, are fully equipped with all new technology and Internet thereby reaching a larger number of citizens, potential clients who may benefit from our proven experience in tax, tradings, civil and labour matters, apart from joining our increasing portfolio of clients, both national and international, in both fields, the business and private sector.

And how do we do this?

We are already using new technological tools which we adjust to our legal consultancy services in order to comply with a high level of quality, speediness and reliability. In a bet for Social Media and New Technologies, our legal firm has jumped ahead of any other lawyers and solicitors office in the Balearic Islands creating an App by which our clients, amongst other matters, can calculate taxes, obtain information concerning the latest legal, juridical and tax news in Spain which is regularly published in our blog or directly contacting any of our offices in Mallorca and Ibiza. We have just added a new service: direct payment of invoices through VISA credit cards. In a few simple steps (from the “Tools” section and then choosing the option of “Visa Payment”) it allows our clients to enjoy the advantages and the convenience of making payments with their VISA card, fully guaranteed under strict security measures. Technology in legal services In this way, and through the App, we offer all our services of legal consultancy in a platform 2.0., 24 hours a day, 356 days a year, an extremely useful tool that eases the communication with any of our lawyers, solicitors or tax advisors. In short, we aim to establish a direct trustworthy communication with clients but always keeping in mind their main priority; obtaining a maximum profit of the investment made in Mallorca, Ibiza or anywhere in Spain.

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