NEW FUTURE PLANNING LAW (predictably to be published in January 2018)


Important Notice:
The new planning offenders will possibly have complications as from January 2018 as it is planned that in January comes into force that any illegal Works carried out on any type of rural land as from then WILL NEVER EXPIRE whereby the Department/Administration (Town Hall or Island Consell) may open the corresponding penalization file and in the case that legalization is not possible even though 8 years have passed it will always be open to a possible demolition of the Works carried out without authorization or Building License. Therefore, the infringement of building on rural land (this be protected or not, will never expire whereby the construction may be demolished at any moment after the 8 years. 

Therefore our legal advise is that before 31.12.2017 all those who have or have carried out Works without a license on rural land try to obtain some aerial photos from a professional firm, these be guaranteed before a Notary this year in order to hold the proof that the work was carried out prior to the 31.12.2017 and therefore be under the present LOUS in which expiry can be related ( The consolidation is not legalization but at least it is prior proof in the case of doubt by the Department/Administration) and we also advise you to find old photographs of the property from 1955 in the case of being constructed before this date in order that it be exempt from the corresponding Building License. 


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