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“The legislative measures for non residents” has become the most visited entry in our web page reaching 470 visits in their English and German languages.

 Our Lawyers office has created a ranking with the 10 most interesting articles for our Readers in our multi-lingual web page.

Bufete Frau translates the main laws of the Balearic Islands and gives out the knowledge of the main aspects of these in English, German, Italian, Swedish and Norwegian.


Bufete Frau has translated the main aspects of the laws in the Balearic Islands in German, English, Italian and Spanish. A way of bringing closer legal information to people of other countries who are interested in the Balearic Islands.

The up to date legal situation after the approval of urgent measures concerning planning matters has been one of the most read publications. The rule affects various laws in the Balearic Islands, such as the agricultural law of the Balearic Islands, the Tourist Law, the Law of Urgent Measures in planning matters and the Law of Rural Land.

In the Balearic region the laws are issued in Spanish and Catalan. One of the few translations that exist in English, German and Russian by the Public Administration is that of the Tourist Law.

Bufete Frau translates the main points of the legislative measures approved in the Balearic Islands such as the law of the land, the legislative measures for non residents, the regional Budget, that may interest their clients in English, German, Italian, Spanish, Norwegian and Swedish. The extension of this service could be interesting for the remaining users of Internet.

Results from the number of clics

The publication that heads the ranking is “the legislative measures for non residents” with 470 clicks, in second position the main aspects of the urgent measures in planning matters in the Baleares with 257 clicks. The third position of the ranking is occupied by “the details of the alteration of the Law of International Legal Cooperation” reaching 178 clicks, in the majority by English readers.

The Income Tax calender 2015, more collaboration between the Spanish and foreign authorities, together with Why we need a lawyer shows more than 100 readers in each entrance. In the last position of the Ranking appears the participation of BUFETE Frau as member of the AIPP. This is the international guarantee for the professionals of the sector, and our bufete has signed to follow the Behaviour Code of the AIPP, giving proof to the clients that Bufet Frau is a responsible company with a high working level.

From our lawyers office, specialists in legal and tax advise to foreign investors in the process of purchase/sale of luxury properties, we like to keep our clients and collaborators informed at all times of the latest news concerning legal and tax matters, above all that concerning Non Residents.


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