Suspension of building licenses in Vila, Ibiza


Derecho Inmobiliario y cuestiones Fiscales

The sentence overriding the PGOU of 2009 leads to the suspension of the granting of licenses in Vila, Ibiza

The Ibiza Town Hall is in a very complicated situation after the Sentence of the Supreme Court that cancels the General Planning Order of 2009. The text was approved in its moment without having been presented a Strategic Environmental Evaluation report, necessary for a Project planning to come into force. The mayoress and the technicians of Vila in Ibiza are trying to find the solution that offers the minimum patrimony and economic impact to the city, as with the execution of the sentence, against which there is no appeal, the previous PGOU of 1987 would come into force and the suspension of the granting of licenses would be carried out. Also, and on applying the planning of 1987, a possible legal void would occur as, due to the application of the old PGOU, some plots that today are considered as protected could be liable for construction with the corresponding flood of requests in the Ibiza Town Hall. Suspension of building licenses in Ibiza. Properties and Plots. One of the Solutions presented by the technical team of the Town Hall and that could be the final one, points to the possibility of approving the recasted text of the PGOU of 2009, in which they insist they have been working on for years and that was on the point of being approved by the Consell. This text was approved by the city town council in 2013 and it is considered feasible to introduce the modifications that the TS dictates in the sentence on Strategic Environmental Evaluation and also include the pertinent adaptations required by the recent Land Law of the Balearic Islands. Whether or not this solution is choosen we are very worried that the stoppage of the granting of building licenses in Ibiza will be a least for one year.

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