Taxes that may be of interest to a Non-Resident


Derecho Inmobiliario y cuestiones Fiscales

The tax system in the Balearic Islands can be a little tricky for non-residents to understand. Often there are minor differences in the taxes to be paid and in the vast majority of cases they create a great deal of uncertainty in our clients.

During the past few weeks, and with the aim to clarify the legal and tax system in Mallorca and in Ibiza, we´ve been publishing "Legal and Tax Tip of the Day"; tips and clarifications of the doubts that our clients have communicated to us throughout the years which, thanks to Sunshine Radio, were broadcast for more than two months. If you missed the opportunity to listen to the “Legal and Tax Tip of the Day”at the time, Bufete Frau lawyers and solicitors now offers you the opportunity to relisten to them on our web site.

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Taxes that may be of interest to a non-resident

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