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We are confident that we can give our clients individual attention and carry out legal work on their behalf of the highest standard in the least time. The broad knowledge of law and languages held by our specialist team allows us to offer both international and national clients a highly comprehensive service in the areas of Property, Company, Maritime, Tax, Investment, Family and Litigation Law.
We believe that for every legal problem there is always a solution and we will apply ourselves to provide it for you in the shortest and clearest way possible. Our team is here and ready to assist you.

José Carlos Frau Greenfield, Bufete Frau OST.

Fiscal and tax laws

Our company covers the advice and guidance to private individuals and companies, both national or foreign and in particular to Non Residents in Spain, of all matters concerning national and foreign tax payments.

Real estate law, of construction and planning

Bufete Frau counts with a solid experience in Real Estate Law, of Construction and Planning, offering legal advice, this be in or out of court, both for private individual people as well as companies.

Family law, inheritance and balearic regional law.

Also specialists in this branch of Law, we offer you tailor made legal advice, always seeking the best solution. We take on each case with the maximum confidentiality and sensitivity, guaranteeing that our clients feel protected at all times.

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06Jul '18

New doctrine concerning the method of verification of value: Analysis of the sentence from the High Court on the 23rd May 2018

As you may all possibly know, when we purchase a property in Spain we must pay the Transfer Tax (ITP). This tax is from 8% to 11% of the value of the property and we must pay same in the maximum period of one month from the date of purchase/sale.

29Jun '18


On the 27th June 2018 came into force the new Home Law of the Illes Balears. We already spoke about this project of the Law beforehand and now, at last, has been published the final regulation text. Although this Law regulates very interesting areas from a social point of view and is focused to those most disadvantaged, particularly keeping in mind the present situation in the islands, where many families are unable to gain access to a decent quality home, we prefer not to delve into this matter but concentrate on the practical aspects that this Law will imply in our every day, as professionals in the real estate and planning area.

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At Bufete Frau Solicitors, we have a team that is able to assist you in your own language with any legal issues you may have. After more than twenty years of experience that have been accumulated with local and many overseas clients we have a vast knowledge to draw on to get you the results you require in the shortest time possible. That makes Bufete Frau a company you can 100% rely on.


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