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We are confident that we can give our clients individual attention and carry out legal work on their behalf of the highest standard in the least time. The broad knowledge of law and languages held by our specialist team allows us to offer both international and national clients a highly comprehensive service in the areas of Property, Company, Maritime, Tax, Investment, Family and Litigation Law.
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Our company covers the advice and guidance to private individuals and companies, both national or foreign and in particular to Non Residents in Spain, of all matters concerning national and foreign tax payments.

Real estate law, of construction and planning

Bufete Frau counts with a solid experience in Real Estate Law, of Construction and Planning, offering legal advice, this be in or out of court, both for private individual people as well as companies.

Family law, inheritance and balearic regional law.

Also specialists in this branch of Law, we offer you tailor made legal advice, always seeking the best solution. We take on each case with the maximum confidentiality and sensitivity, guaranteeing that our clients feel protected at all times.

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21May '18

New planning Law in the Balearic Islands (IV): Expiry of works carried out without a license.

You may possibly know that when construction of more than eight years has been carried out without a license, the infringement has expired and the administration cannot request that the owners demolish such construction. In spite of expiry this does not mean that the construction be legal because, even though eight years have passed, the Works are still considered as being illegal and out of planning order, although it was possible to declare same through public deed.

13May '18

Is the new Planning Law of the Balearic Islands unconstitutional?

No. No worry. We only want to attract your attention. Although it is true that the new law has caused controversy, up to the point of us having read in some local newspapers that the mainland government are considering the possibility of presenting an appeal of unconsititutionalism before the Constitutional Court, but only of certain rules of the Law for violating powers of the state legislator or for directly being unconstitutional.

04May '18

Are you thinking of selling your property?

If you have decided to sell your property in Spain, even though you do not yet have a purchaser, we believe it is important to have all documents ready and prepared. This way, not only will it mean a more simple, easier operation but additionally the value of your property could be higher. This article is not meant to offer a detailled perusal of all the documents and aspects to be kept in mind, but to name a series of things that are important to value and that as soon as being available, the better.

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At Bufete Frau Solicitors, we have a team that is able to assist you in your own language with any legal issues you may have. After more than twenty years of experience that have been accumulated with local and many overseas clients we have a vast knowledge to draw on to get you the results you require in the shortest time possible. That makes Bufete Frau a company you can 100% rely on.


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