Law Firm in Mallorca and Ibiza

Bufete Frau is not a conventional law firm. As a company offering legal services, we advise, defend and represent our clients in both judicial and extra-judicial matters. But more importantly, we offer our clients technical infrastructure combined with a human approach, which is at the forefront of legal proceedings.

Innovation vs Experience

Our vocation and commitment increase with our experience; we take on all cases, ranging from the most simple to the most complex projects, approaching each one with the same dedication, reliability and enthusiasm.

A Bet for Quality

For almost a decade we persevere in our intention of building up our company by systematically reinvesting our profits into improving our offices. Our modern main office, situated in the heart of the financial and juridical area in the centre of Palma de Mallorca, are representative of the quality services we offer and form the ideal framework to develop our working capacity to its highest standards.

Equipped with the latest computer technology, internal communication by local Intranet (Virtual Private Network) and connected to Internet to obtain instant information, Bufete Frau is ahead of the future to serve our clients in a personal and direct manner, within a cordial and reliable atmosphere.

Efficiency is the Answer

At Bufete Frau Solicitors, we have a team that is able to assist you in your own language with any legal issues you may have. After more than twenty years of experience that have been accumulated with both local and many overseas clients we have a vast knowledge to draw on to get you the results you require in the shortest time possible.


Capacity for Commitment

In Bufete Frau we emphasize on Teamwork. Both professional and human contribution on behalf of all our office members is essential to avoid unforeseen circumstances when we plan, develop and solve all the cases we are engaged in. Our commitment obliges us every time to contrast results with previous experiences and to rigorously control all the procedures and methods used to obtain positive results in our work. We are aware of the difficulties involved in the idiosyncrasy of our profession and because of that, we do not hesitate to request outside co-operation when dealing with complex and specific projects.

The Consultancy of the Future, Today

With a permanent view into the future, Bufete Frau infuse social media marketing into an established online plan, where our clients from all over the world connect to our services through our website, newsletters and news on Facebook and Twitter. Social media is the future of today, allowing us to focus on - and connect with our costumers via Facebook and Twitter. With these new advertising channels we can interact and communicate with our costumers, enabling them to access the latest news on laws, taxes and other relevant issues.


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